5 Simple Techniques For example

One which is representative of a gaggle as a whole: the squirrel, an example of a rodent; introduced Each and every new term with examples of its use.

The usage of algorithms in policing is a single example in their rising influence on our lives. And, as their ubiquity spreads, so too does The controversy about regardless of whether we must always enable ourselves to be so reliant on them – and who, if any person, is policing their use.

Relevance ranks synonyms and indicates the most beneficial matches depending on how carefully a synonym’s perception matches the perception you chose.

An analogous circumstance that constitutes a design or precedent: a novel episode, with out example in maritime heritage.

An instance (as a challenge to generally be solved) serving to illustrate the rule or precept or to act as an workout in the applying of your rule.

four. an occasion illustrating a rule or process, as a mathematical issue proposed for Remedy. 5. an occasion, especially of punishment, serving as a warning to Other people: Public executions were intended to get examples on the populace.

/ɪɡˈzɑːmpəl/ noun one. a specimen or occasion that may be usual of your team or set of which it types element; sample 2. a person, motion, matter, and many others, that is certainly worthy of imitation; sample: you need to set an example to your younger youngsters 3. a precedent, illustration of a principle, or model: an example inside a maths guide 4. a punishment or the receiver of the punishment serving or intended to function a warning: the headmaster built an example of him five.

These nouns refer to what is representative of or serves to explain a bigger group or class. An example is really a usually representative part that demonstrates the character of The complete: “With the despotism to which unrestrained armed service electric power leads Now we have loads of examples from Alexander to Mao” (Samuel Eliot Morison). An occasion is surely an example that's cited to verify or As an instance a point: an occasion of flagrant corruption.

These rarities could possibly be new mutations, or they may be existing ones that happen to be neutral—or are even picked towards—in a very wild inhabitants. A great example is mutations that disrupt seed dispersal, leaving the seeds about the heads prolonged once they are ripe.

A circumstance can be an motion, an event, or perhaps a situation that relates specifically to something remaining talked about, determined, or addressed: an average circumstance of child neglect. An illustration clarifies or points out: provided an illustration on the phrase in context. A sample can be an real Section of a thing larger, introduced as proof of the standard or character of The entire: gave us a sample of her temper. Specimen frequently denotes a person, representative member of a gaggle or course: This poem is a fair specimen of her function.

Now these things were our examples, to the intent that we must not lust just after evil points, as Additionally they lusted.

some thing chosen to point out the nature or character of the rest; one component or unit made use of like a sample; usual instance

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